Greetings from director

Joy of encountering the real thing

Oriental medicine is amazing! Why? Because oriental medicine knows the invisible body of “qi”! Our bodies have unlimited power. The power is energy called “qi.” The saying “All illness comes from the mind” is from an ancient Chinese medical text Huangdi Neijing. An illness of qi is a disease.

What is an illness of qi? That is, an unhealthy qi interferes the body’s normal activity. This unhealthy qi is called “jaqi” in oriental medicine. When you suffer from jaqi, you get caught in a negative spiral. You not only become ill, but also become pessimistic, so that you become likely to encounter various troubles. A real treatment is to get rid of this negative energy from the body to circulate positive energy throughout the body to recover physical and mental health.

What characterizes out clinic is that at the time of treatment we use gold needles to adjust qi. “Painless qigong needle, gold and silver cosmetology” This treatment has an immediate effect because the practitioner uses qigong to give almost painless acupuncture stimulation to remove stagnated qi. For cosmetic purpose, we use mainly gold and silver needles, which are divided into those for pricking and those not for pricking. The practitioner removes toxin from the skin with gold/silver scrubbing needles and removes rust from the depth of the body with gold/silver pricking needles. External and internal cleanup results in beauty. A journey to “the most beautiful yourself.” We assist you with one needle. Many people feel unwell in various ways although they cannot find any abnormality after taking a medical examination of Western medicine. Even if your figures have no abnormality, you absolutely have a disease when you notice symptoms.

A real “mibyo” (presymptomatic disease) in oriental medicine means a stage where the patient feels nothing. When the patient notices symptoms, there is an obvious abnormal change in qi, which means the second stage. The body of qi becomes ill in this way although this is invisible.

Even stiff shoulder often means two or more clogged meridians. Although patients who visit us at this stage are lucky, most of them are in a hopeless situation due to various drug disasters. They are weakened and the treatment is difficult, but patients who believe us will be able to get out of the black hole. The reason why we have devoted ourselves wholly to providing treatment mainly for our acquaintances is that relations of trust are important for qi treatment. In order to approach the invisible body, both practitioner and patient need to trust each other and concentrate. If you believe your body, your body will be born again. You can savor the joy of living as you are.

We would like to deliver happiness to you with one needle! Hoping so, our team is doing its best in our treatment.

崔 美淑

Meishu Sai
Director, Sai Acupuncture Clinic Takanawa


Entered Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Graduated from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Studied in the five years at the university under Prof. Shentian Sun, a prominent neurologist
Entered Meiji School of Oriental Medicine
Graduated from Meiji School of Oriental Medicine
Acquired qualification of practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion
Entered Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Graduated from Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University Studied commonality between oriental medicine and mother-child relationship in psychoanalysis under Prof. Kazushige Shingu
2011 – 2013
Worked for Syunjusen (Azabu, Minato City)
Opened Sai Acupuncture Clinic Takanawa
December 2013
Published Te wo ateru dake de kenko ni naru from Gentosha

Information on seminars

We hold seminars to show you true Chinese techniques.
As they are irregular seminars, contact us if you are interested.

1. Seminar on special acupuncture and moxibustion skills to secure clinical effects (3 sessions by director)150,000 yen

The director teaches to a small group or each participant pulse diagnosis, diagnosis of cause of a disease, locating acupoints, treatment flow, and aftercare.

2. Seminar on painless beauty acupuncture and gold needle cosmetology (3 sessions by director)150,000 yen

Participants experience and learn quick-impact cosmetology using the clinic’s custom gold and silver needles.

3. Seminar on basic knowledge of Chinese medicine, Chinese medical dialectic, and Chinese massage (3 sessions by assistant director) 150,000 yen

You can master the essence of true Chinese medicine and massage (tui na) without visiting China.

4. Seminar on Taoist yogic practice without pricking and on qi adjustment without tools (by Oh, 3 sessions) 150,000 yen

A specialist Kohin Oh teaches a Taoist yogic practice in ancient China twice a year.
With an immediate effect and no risk of infection, it is suitable for those who do not like needles and massage before and after acupuncture treatment.

5. Seminar on curing qigong (3 sessions by Yo)150,000 yen

This is a qigong seminar by an expert from Taiwan for not only therapists, but also those who are interested in qigong.



Doctor’s hours: 10:00-18:00

Regular holidays: Wednesdays Sundays and national holidays